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Had to chime in on this one Skipster, Ar Tur, and Ted.
No------Liquid fert conversions is not or it wasn't on the State certification exams back 12 years ago when I took them. I guess when you are in a area that is pretty much Agriculture of rice, soybeans, corn, milo...........granular is the best, less expensive route. Liquid is used here only during bolt on soybeans mostly.........called coron 25-0-0.
I felt pretty daft when I was looking for the conversions and stumbled on the equations!!!
Pretty easy to figure but when you aren't directed to the formula's, it only makes you seem inadequate. I have called the Extension Services, University, and other State officials only to be told--------as RIC tells it--" Enumerate!"
I guess more people in this world has problems with simple math than expected.
I have spent more time on formula's to make Einstein's wink but I am still learning to put it all in context.
I hate asking a question about stuff I should already know---------and after years......have forgotten!!!
I have been sat in the corner of the short bus several times because I was seeking a Cliff's Notes version of these formula's before. So don't feel like a tick turd among a mountain of dinosaur dung.
We are not all treated fairly!!!!!!
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