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Originally Posted by CraigPLC View Post
Naw... All our customers are in the same neighborhoods. That's how I met them in the first place. No more driving, well, ok... a block here or there... Mostly a few houses... I'm insured, and so are they. If it was my customer, my insurance.

Well, I've been working with the bigger companies too, using my equipment, so that is a money saver to them, and they give me an employee to ride with me. They are basically giving me the money for the property but still keeping the customer. Otherwise they would have to be paying their employees time and half or double time to keep up since they loss so much of their staff. Like I said, I've been making an extra $400-$500 a week.

If I hired someone, I have their salary, plus WC, unemployment, social security, etc... I'm not going to hire someone under the table... That is a Lawsuit waiting to happen!!!

Y'all sound REAL competitive! We help each other out here. We loan each other equipment, lend a hand when needed. I don't know... works for us here!
Well, if you're making more money for the same amount of work, and you're happy with the situation, go for it. Maybe you'll prove us wrong.
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