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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
I recall greatly that the State general EPA section on label education dealt not with understanding or the calculations of A.I. and solution mathematics. I guess they feel that if we know all this stuff, then why are we not working as Chemists. You know that what makes the public the public is by what they know. It is easier to keep people smaller by limiting their education.
Anyway, The label section showed us how to read one by section. The EPA registration numbers, PPE, handling and disposal only. Oh, and the product by name not tradename.

I was pretty much disappointed with some of the outcomes with the exams, but I passed and will continue to learn as we go.
Maybe, in your state or application forum, you are led to believe that it is because of uneducated use. I feel that it has all to do with the eliminating a dinosaur product that wasn't generating much capital. Something has to take the fall for other products to move in. I agree that education is what separates Man from the Neanderthals, but there is a fine line there. How far an education system goes is how educated its people is.!!
I can go to my local grower..........great friend of 25 years and he probably couldn't tell you the inner workings or atomic weight of Chlorine to figure out the percentage of a concentrate either. Not many people need to know this formula.........that is what makes a chemist a chemist.
FQPA, ala Carole Browner also has something to do with this process. Products for which there are no practical replacements are being or have been removed from the T, O, and N markets in the name of "saving the children". The cheaper products with their simpler chemistry were also good tools and even more valuable now for resistance management. Most insecticides are either pyrethroid or neonicotinoids. Turf fungicides are all DMI or strobilurins. I am still around even though diazinon and mancozeb were used on home lawns. My parents just told me to keep off the grass.
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