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It might not have been the best example just because of the scale but note that the original post was asking about 50 palms.

We do jobs that are not several hundred dollars all the time. We are not going to drive an hour to get to a 125 dollar job but are often able to schedule it with anothet job nearby. Looking at the work sheets for today i see 3 jobs under 200 between two crews. 125 dollar jobs dont go for 500, if a tree service needs 500 to do 5 palms they are not serious about working or they have no clue how to run a business.

I guess i "blew a gasket" because it is attitudes like yours that keep the green industry as a whole in the stoneage.

Btw, my target customer is not someone with a couple hundred trees. Its the educated consumer.

I am tirred of seeing guys die and get seriously hurt in this business. Fatalities and major accidents are just off the charts. It is inherently dangerous and accident do happen but you would never find another industry in this country that will tolerate the stuff we see here.
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