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Originally Posted by hdtvluvr View Post
If you want to build a jig, I'd make something like in this video:

Post Remover

You could try using an 8 inch lag screw and screw the chain to the top of the post. It may hold until the post is out or until you at least get the post high enough to get a chain around it.

If I built something like this, I'd probably not make it a complete enclosed square on the bottom - just 2 forward facing legs. Then it could be used on whole posts without cutting them to the ground if you need to move a fence or could be used for removing small stumps, etc. without lifting it over the stump.
Thanks. This is what I thought would be needed to hold the jack in place.

Two observations: (1) It works well on flat terrain, not so well on sloping surfaces, (2) Doing fence work in flip-flops for foot wear may not be very smart.
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