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The Detroit Free Press reported this on 5/21/2012 "DuPont spokeswoman Kate Childress said in an e-mail Thursday, "We're working as quickly as possible to process claims."
"Since this is a property-specific evaluation, it is a complex process and it takes time to do it fairly and accurately," she said. "DuPont has more than 200 people working on the claims of property owners."

We are all smart enough to DO THE MATH- if Dupont really has 200 people working on 33,000 homeowner claims as reported by Dupont why is it taking so long? We are moving into year two. I guess my question to Dupont would be are those 200 dedicated solely to the claims process or does that include their lawyers, folks that are sitting in front of the word processors cranking out the 30 page resoulution pkgs, Imprelis spokespersons, Davey Tree and Stericyle verification teams to confirm what the LCO's reported and the folks at Epiq?
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