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Thanks for the reply regarding your subdivision. I'm sorry your claim has been handled so poorly. I cannot speak for your LCO, and it does sound odd how your properties are treated (in a business sense). However, please know that no one gains from this situation. Imprelis has been an absolute nightmare for our business and our customers (and continues to be).
I'm unsure if this would work, but I have an idea for your neighbors if your LCO isn't being as helpful as they should be. Each homeowner should call the Imprelis hotline 1-866-796-4783 to notify DuPont of damage to their property from the use of Imprelis. My thought is they can bypass the "group" and file a separate claim by having their individual property put into the system. Make sure they write down the ref. no. assigned to them during their call. This number is their Property Identification Number. Next, they contact the Lawn Care Company and request a copy of the subdivisions 2011 Imprelis spray record is submitted on their behalf to DuPont. Inform them to please note on the record the homeowners name address and property id for whom the record is being submitted for. And if possible, see if the lawn care company will issue a copy to you as well. Then on the day of their site visit you may give the copy of the record to the dupont contracted team to be submitted along with your claim forms. I figure this would be a good back up plan should your earlier record be misplaced. Believe me it happens. I've had to resubmit multiple spray records for customers who DuPont said they never received. Sometimes for the same customer 4-5 times!! I wish you and your neighbors all the best. I hope this helps and good luck!
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