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Thanks so much for your detailed reply and trying to help.
Since we submitted our information to the attorney and they had their arborist visit and document, we have been sitting back and waiting for them to handle things. We have copies of all the photos, along with our own including everything the LCO submitted.
Once the second round of damage occured, and the LCO didn't want to submit the new information, we realized we and the LCO were in over our heads, and we weren't getting anywhere with the LCO/ HOA system. I was always several steps ahead of both of them. We shouldn't have to go through so much work to both figure all this out and to get the claim through and dealt with. And, we should have known from the beginning (or been informed) that having two additional people in between the process (the LCO and HOA president) would only confuse things. There are simply too many variables and too many fingers in the pot. We just didn't know what we didn't know.
The more this drags on, the more glad I am we have retained counsel. My main objective now is to do whatever I can to improve my property (yes, however I want, irregardless of what DuPont says) and to stimulate as much negative publicity for DuPont as possible. The LCO should appreciate that we haven't filed suit against them.
Thanks again for your interest and help!
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