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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I agree completely...
Healthy turf will do a lot of things with less fertilizer and less water, that the overmanaged(over messed with) lawns will struggle to accomplish...

Do you guys in the South have turf that will eventually develop into a 'mature' lawn???

Around here we have lawns that have not been micro-managed and/or overly fed/irrigated or any of those misc. activities... When we look closely at those lawns they have root density and depth that is able to take a lot of abuse and still remain strong...
There is no comparison of these ancient lawns that were never overseeded, aerated, dethatched, irrigated, sprayed or fertilized to the 'managed' lawns,,, other than the dark green that you'd get with a little N and spot spraying broadleaf once in a while...

Too much NPK and too much water, will never allow grass to mature in cool-season country,,, IMHO...
Yes. I can get my St. Aug to develop roots 14" to 16" deep. My best lawn ever had roots 20" to 22" deep.
Yes this makes them almost invincible. Environmental stress causes minimal stress.
I also use very little N.
Yes, the invention of the automatic sprinkler system caused the disappearance of mature landscapes.
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