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I know a guy that charges less to get work. Been at it for 12 years. He is afraid to raise his mow rate of $25 week on his long term customers.

He just bought a new mower. A 36" Toro WB. His daughter had to co sign. He is not interested in joining the debate on open vs closed trailer because he does not use one. The 36" fits in the back of his 15 yo PU bed. The truck looks 30 yo.

Last week I was talking with a woman at my pt evening job. Cop has a pt mow route. She asked me how much I would charge for her property.

I said about $60. She said the cop charges her $35. Then said the cop adds a $10 fuel charge. So I said now that lawn is a $45 job.

Then I pointed out he is using his $110,000 a year job without OT subsidizes his landscape business. He needs a new truck he just pays for that out of his cop salary. That if he did the math and kept his business income and expenses separate from his personal income and expenses he would realize that he probably is not even making $25 hr as a LCO. I finished with that I can't compete with his prices because I don't have a job that pays his salary.

Yet if he wanted to earn extra money he could work OT at $80 hr as a cop.
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