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sod layover on crabgrass, 55 days

Sod was laid on top of crabgrass without any preparation. Weather has finally become cool and rainy. I raked a few leaves off the sod section. The corners were marked with white markers. It looks fine to me. A few veronica weeds appeared. Crabgrass surrounding the sod has collapsed and lawn grasses have begun to recover. It appears it is actually possible to lay sod directly over crabgrass, if sod is well watered. Not sure I would recommend it, though.

The second picture is a lawn in my neighborhood. New soil was hand seeded by the guy in spring. It got hot and dry for 12 weeks. He watered like crazy, but it was a big yard. Most of it died and crabgrass was heavy. He labored many hours to cut out the crab. In this front yard area, he cut out the crab and reseeded in stages in September. I think it looks really nice--at last. Backyard is still horrible.
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