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so.......after another threatening email to dupont last night questioning there lies and lack of communication to me,i let them know i was pissed and told them my time is running out to wait for them to get my "cra" to me in a timely manner like the website said,i stated they have until november 1st to get a "cra" to me as they have waisted enough time playing games with me,i said if i do not recieve a "cra" by then i will seek other means of getting the compensation for the damage dupont has done etc.i got a phone call from mike brenan today (head of cra)this is also the guy i have left numerouse messages with to call me back and he never did till today, he said he recieved all the required info from davey tree the other day and my cra is being drafted up and will be sent to me in 1-2 weeks,he said if i do not have it by the 2nd week to call him,i told him i have done enough calling around with no actual responses,and that there will be no more calls made,dupont knows what they need to do now and if it is not here with in 2 weeks i will seek other means of getting my compensation,he said fair enough and that he is terribly sorry about the delay and he promised it will be her with in 2 weeks,
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