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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
I did address it personally. Redoing straps, adding straps, isolators, thrust blocks, foam .... to be honest I don't know where this knocking could be taking place.

Not likely. It is all new(ish) SCH80 PVC personally installed by me.

Backflow is not part of the house system. It is isolated before a whole house water filter, and there is no irrigation on the lot.

Copper, type L throughout the house. 1" cold water main, to 3/4" laterals, to 1/2" at the outlets. The amount of 1/2" on the toilets is about less than 1 foot before it hits 3/4" and about 9 feet before it hits the 1" main. On this particular toilet, it is just the stub out length that is done in 1/2". There might still be some debris in the lines that aren't in service yet. They have been "flushed", but not really flushed well IMO.

I have done none of these, but the beer sounds like a good idea. Got other fish to fry right now. I do have gauges before and after my water filter so I can track filter performance. I did have some air in the lines that was causing my water heater to kick on momentarily when the toilet valve closed, but I got that air out. I have seen some pretty wild fluctuations in city pressure, but it doesn't make it through the filter.

The wall that holds the toilet plumbing. First pic is how the plumber left it, 2nd pic is how I fixed it.
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