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I've stayed in direct contact with everyone, and kept repetitive schedules
with clean ups.

I've only had one non compliant customer this season.
This particular customer has never had an issue except this year. I did offer a good bi weekly rate, but they have put me off. When I give them the final offer I'm sure they'll scream about it. Communication is key. But in regards to what the weather will do
always expect the worst. I've had wind blown and sometimes dramatic leaf drop happen before I'm done on all of the lawns. If I've passed through that area of the lawn and leaves start coming down where I just cleaned, I may or may not re-clean it before I load up and take off until next week. Since I'm running this on pre-set schedules, the customer always knows what to expect. Keeping a repetitive schedule equals affordable pricing.

Leaves fall according to photosynthesis, species type and weather.
And what's worse,..... is neighbors with trees to.
I'm not eating a few hundred bucks on leaves from non compliant customers.

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