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Originally Posted by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING View Post
Where can you get a decent truck mount for $1500.00 and what cfm is it?
You can't . An 80cfm , even a 100 cfm will fit in a truck but you need something to take them in or out , and they take up the whole bed . Anything much smaller than 80 cfm is a waste of time to blow out irrigation systems .

Mike has has his compressor 12 years , I have tow behind compressors from 15 years old to 26 years old . when you factor in rental of $600.00 per month and squeezing in all your blowouts in 2 months , thats $ 12,000 over 10 years in rental fees . An 2k or 3k compressor is a bargain over time and an asset you own .
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