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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
Hi Richie. There are a number of very good 120V LED PAR38 lamps on the market but I don't know of one that will replicate the output of a 90W Halogen. I think the brightest of them resemble 75W halogen lamps, but you will find that many of these are running around 4000K in an effort to maximize lumen output. Stick with the name brands you know and trust like Philips, GE, Sylvania, Toshiba, etc. and be sure that no matter what brand of 120V LED lamps you use that they are properly listed with UL, CSA or ETL.

Thanks James for the reply,

Until I can locate LED lamps for enclosed fixtures I'm sending someone out in the morning to replace the 90 watt halogens with the same , this client must have these lights on from 6 pm to 6 am PERIOD it's a personal reason I can't go into , I am still looking for a simple way to change it all out to LED MR 16 but haven't had the time for more research , a screw in adapter that drops voltage from 120 v to 12 v would be ideal then drop in an LED MR 16 done deal.

P.S. The last set of halogens lasted 3600 hours

Thanks again

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