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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
First guy is just plain wasting his time. But I'm gonna take a stab at your cop guy. First I know A LOT of police officers and their salaries are public record. Not one makes over $105,000 without overtime.
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Out in the boondocks they don't pay like they do in NYC or it's suburbs.

NYFD $90,000 without OT. Fireman salary, officers more.

NYPD $90,000 without OT.

Nassau PD $107,000 without OT and then they have a 12% night shift differential.

Suffolk PD $110,000 without OT.

Westchester PD (2006) $80,000 without OT.

All police salaries are for patrolman sarge and officers are higher.

NYC Sanitation Dept $69,000 without OT. Officers are higher.

No one can compete with them on price when their full time job is making them $100,000 and they subsidize their business with that salary.
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