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Originally Posted by kebrowns View Post
I often buy lawn stuff from criagslist and its scary to see there is always some guy or guys selling all their equipment trying to get out. Why is that?
You are buying from a source of last resort. At least here in Florida the biggest business to go into and the first one to to go out of business is the restaurant business. For this industry along with the landscape maintenance industry folks don't understand the cost associated with earning a profit. It may be great to have this idea that I want to workout side for a living, or I like to eat so why not open a restaurant?. In either case this reasoning with out knowing all your cost of doing business to earn a profit will doom the person trying every time. Some go faster than other. I have and still recommend and organization called SCORE. The services rendered are free and from my own personal opinion well worth an appointment with a counselor to see if this type of work or any new job has a chance of becoming a successful new career.
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