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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
There is a screw in adapter and transformer available from Cooper Halo. Converts PAR pot lights to LV MR16

However, you will not find an LED mr16 that comes close to the output of a 90w halogen par38.
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Found this site


Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-4F to ~+104F [~-20C to ~+40C]
Suitable for use in open luminaires only. To prevent overheating of the lamp which may cause premature failure, do not install in totally enclosed fixtures. Recessed fixtures with some type of venting are more desirable for use with these lamps. LED PAR Bulbs must not exceed Ambient Operating Temperature Range.

I just don't know how it will handle the 18 watts of heat over time being in an enclosed fixture on 12 hrs a day.
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