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Darryl I am with you on the way you do the cleans. As a matter of fact your original post here sounded just like what I did this Wednesday. Our method of clean is different but our philosophy with the customer is exactly the same.
My customers don't question either. I tell them I work until Thanksgiving (that historically has been the day for me over 17 years) so I will stop by to either cut or clean or both depending on the property. I do have some leaf clean only customers and they just get the clean when needed. I don't cut their lawn just do the clean.
They don't have a problem of when or how I do the job, it just gets done and I bill accordingly. Our billing philosophy is a little different as I do track time on each property and then bill additionally at the end of the season for a "Fall Clean" showing dates of service on the invoice but only a total for the customer.
I do have one long time customer who is an older lady and it appears that she wants every leaf off all day long. She would probably pay me to be there 7 days a week. I will not take advantage of this lady as she is very nice and I enjoy working there so I sometimes show up and do a quick clean of about 20 minutes twice a week. I could spend hours there. She understands that it takes time for all the trees ( and there are huge maples that wait until late november to dump) to let go and I do my best to keep her place up.
Otherwise I just plug away according to the hand mother nature deals. I have been sitting for 4 days now with no work because of rain. I hope next week gets better.
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