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This isn't an English class, but some paragraph structure is always helpful rather than rambling run-on sentences 500 words long.

It seems like you just type whatever comes into your mind in whatever order it comes into your mind, making it hard for some of us to read who have better things to do than sit here all day trying to figure out what it is that some guy somewhere is trying to say about something, and trying to keep it all in their head until they get to the point whatever that point may be somewhere 6 lines down it kind of loses it's effectiveness to the point that whatever you say is lost in the shuffle so that we just lose interest in what it is that you're trying to say however important that might be to you and to anyone else reading it, it's just not a good way to try to communicate with others so please try not to do that anymore if you want people to read your posts and comment on whatever it is that you're trying to say.
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