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It depends on your business. For me Yes it is worth it. I bought my first one ever 3 months ago and use it to take pictures of jobs and email them to customers right from the site. We have a lot of seasonal vacation properties and customers like updates on work. Also when I get emails or leads off the website, they come directly to my phone and often I can address the problem or meet the customer or give the estimate right away or at least schedule it. Last, I do our scheduling on my phone, can enter payments on my phone, it all gets synced to our Quickbooks, also take pictures of all receipts for business, so cuts down on all the clutter, this ALSO gets uploaded to QB and automatically entered into the check register. Also tracks time on/off job sites, notes during jobs, you name it!! Just like you I was not sold on it from the beginning and loved the simpler phones, but after having it, the value cuts way down on my headaches and frees up more time for other stuff. Not to mention my calendar and other apps. Takes a bit of time to get used to , but it depends on your reception and your business.
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