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Originally Posted by T_S_S View Post
Very good friend of mine and mentor had a small successfully business, himself one employee and some old machines. He getting to the age where he was looking to get out in a few years and retire. so we joined forces and I worked my arse off getting new more clientele, jobs etc. in the 3 years I have been involved revenue has tripled and most of the equipment fleet now has been purchased brand new. I am very excited for next year as I have some very very good things on the table , that should take Alloa Excavating to the next level. Absolutely nothing has been handed to me . Take for example Thursday I started at 7am and worked on 2 different jobs till 6 am the following morning. Went home slept till 9am, priced 5 jobs then worked till 4 am this morning. If you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to get there . Get out there and shake hands with anyone you can think of and don't let the relationship die there, stay in touch with them and remind them that you want to work with them on projects. If you just hand someone a card it usually ends there, if you catch up with them, bring them coffee on there sites or office, invite them to view current jobs you are doing, bottle of wine at Christmas it goes a long long way...
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Remember, all work and no play isn't healthy, however, what you have stated is pretty much the keys to success. You can do anything you want in this country and your strategy is how the best of the best get to the top and stay there.

I personally do not have the motivation anymore to run the rat race but again, if I wanted to, your strategy is the way to go. For the younger guys and even old guys like me wondering how to make "it", they need to read your last two posts.

I would only add that one should never stop learning. Whether it is reading, taking classes, or practicing under the tutorship of a master of their field, education is an important part of success.. that and having a good reputation.

Way to go TSS...

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