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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I would go on and bid it so I can come back and tell these old salty crust guys how wrong they were.

Buttt what I would like to know first is...
How you going to PAY for that mower when that contract goes south and you don't have a job?

Say I go in at $2000 a month, I would go ahead and either get the truck paid off first ($210 a month, $5800 left) or I would try to make at least a $1000 payment each month to hurry up and get it paid off while I had the income just in case something happened and I lost the account. I would be better off just paying my truck off and then just make the payments on the mower but it all depends really. I would also make a couple of calls and I could probably pick up another 1 or 2 yards that are a good 4-6 acres. I know one of them we cut a few years ago and we was getting $3-400 to cut. Had 2 mowers going and was done in 4 hours. That was with a Gravely 42" ZTR and a craftsman 42"
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