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Originally Posted by lalllc View Post
Price is why I went from scag as well. I loved the TT 62 I had cost over 10 g in 2002 . Never had one problem. My xmarks on the other had nothing but problems. I like the price but not the head ach . Maybe some day I will tell my story about my costumer service from mutton.
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I've never had any troubles with my exmarks.

but the sales guy I deal with isn't always the best, at least with me. I emailed him over a month ago about a price on a navigator and haven't heard a word.

when the original guy I started with switched stores I got him and it took me buying a mower from him before he would actually take me seriously.

but like I said there is this one chick in the parts department who know her stuff and knows how to help customers. once I ordered a discharge chute. came in wrong one. guy I delt with re ordered. came in wrong again. diff guy wanted to re order again. she called exmark while I was there to find out what was going on. problem fixed got my correct chute a couple days later.
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