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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
The problem is that landscaping is just as in any other business just as likely to go out of business quickly for one reason.

Not enough money.

Whether a deli, pizzeria, restaurant, print shop, auto repair, etc they are started by individuals that scraped enough money to open up.

They don't have the money behind them to get through the first two years.

They ignore that a business usually does not make money the first year.

That a business usually will just break even the second year.

That it usually takes three years for a business to take off and generate good profits.
You hit it on the head. If you don't have the working capitol to make it through the first two to three years without depending on the business to earn your living, you need to go get a job. Always remember, your employees will be earning a living long before you are. It's tough, but worth the effort in the end.
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