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Originally Posted by grasscutter24 View Post
Pricing really depends on where you live to be honest. $1,250/ cut for 28 acres would be on the high end where I live, unfortunately. The land from the map view looks pretty flat, which means if you have a couple of ZTR's you can run full throttle while mowing and save significant time(One ZTR should be able to cut an OPEN acre in 20min). The biggest question is how much weed whacking and blowing off sidewalks/ driveways are you going to have to do. That can be very time consuming. It looks like there is a good amount of fence that would need to be weed whacked. ( Better off spraying round-up along the fence line and only having to hit it with a trimmer 1x month). Very important to figure that part out as well. If I were you I wouldn't be scared to put a bid on it. There are enough dealers out there that you can probably find 0% financing. You are going to need at least 2 ZTRs 60" to get the job done. Realistically 3, but if I were you I wouldn't buy 3 until you get bigger. This is a job that could help pay off your equipment and get you off to a great start! Worse case scenario you can sell one of the Z's and live another day. Good luck
I can admire someone with stones to gamble in business, but leveraging yourself to the hilt for 25k? Good luck offloading that mower when the bottom falls out and you need the moeny to pay off all of the debt you accrued.... for one contract.
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