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What do I do with all the leaves on my freshly overseeded lawn?

I had a lawn service core aerate and overseed my lawn. They didn't tell me when they were coming out and overseeded over the top of a thick cover of fallen leaves. There are also still a lot of leaves left on the trees that will be coming down soon. I'm not sure what to do now.

Do I just leave it and hope the seeds get blown under the leaves? Will they get enough light through all the leaves? Will leaving the leaves there affect the health of my existing grass?

Do I rake up the leaves and hope that I don't take many of the seeds with? Do I keep raking up leaves when more fall?

Do I use a leaf blower to pile up the leaves and then bag them?

Do I mulch the leaves with my mower (as I had planned) and hope it doesn't damage the seeds? Do I keep mowing/mulching once the seedlings start growing?
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