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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
Leave the guys customers alone. YOU have no right to them and if in the end they do not like the service being provided, they will find you. Move on and good luck to you.
Well if these are bid customers,they are up for grabs for the next season.There is no such thing as MY customers or YOUR customers in my book.If he has placed a bid which is lower than the previous LCO's then the previous LCO should counter bid if he wants the job if the customer asks him.I had a customer tell me another guy would mow for $10 less per cut and if I would match it.I said no since I have already been doing it for 4 years and am not going to lower my price.Well they stayed with me.
I also snow plow.I advertised back in 1990 for 2 weeks and have not advertised since.No need to I get plenty of referrals plus I get all my old customers back.Guys try to cut in but can't since my customers do not want to take a chance on a lesser quality of service.What i am trying to say is people will price shop just like we do.They are allowed to switch contractors if they want----its their money.
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