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Stealing customers?

Are you serious? #1 rule in business as far as I'm concerned is don't mess with people's money. You made an agreement when you joined his company to keep HIS customers happy for a negotiated salary and you fulfilled that. Congratulations. Now you're leaving because you are unhappy with him. Just because you know how to cut grass doesn't mean you know how to run a business. But let's say you take his customers from him and he loses his business. Do you think he's going to just sit back and accept it? Leave him and his customers alone and go make your own money. I have a friend that just lost his job at a multi-million dollar company that worked exclusively for chrysler because the CEO fired the person that was in charge of the contracts (for not doing his job and having inner-office affairs). The guy went to another company and got the work for them for less money. Around fifty people lost their jobs when those contracts were taken away. All of those people had families and children at home and now have to look for a new job to keep food on the table. The guy that took the contracts is doing great, he got a raise. Everyone else is screwed. You stealing your bosses contracts is just as bad. Just doesn't affect quite as many people. I can't understand why so many people on here would tell you to go for it, 80% of the time when someone quits they make the owner out to be the biggest a$$hole because they have no clue what it's like to be on the other side of the employee/employer relationship. How would you feel if one of your ex employees came on this site and told everyone that you screwed them over and they deserve your customers, and everyone told him go ahead and take the customers with them? I can tell who here owns a business and who owns a job from the posts.
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