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Fungicide Seasons Ending

I've been applying fungicides since April. Seems this has been the worst year ever for fungi. Cost has been extremely high but not as costly as the golf courses supers tell me; some have reported that a 5 day rotation was needed to just keep some under control--me every 10-14 days which was bad enough. It's been a real uphill battle. I did one lawn at cost hoping for another contract but the owner said "It'll be fine till next year"...Yea, because of me...He need not ever ask again. Another client is moving--I've been through that last year. Jerk who bought that house is not even irrigating on a regular basic..Lawn looks like crap. It was manicured when the former owner moved.
Which leads me to drop the remaining clients and just tend my own lawn. It was a good ride for a long time but I'll still be around to help.
We all are merely gleaners from the masters who were here before us.
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