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I think right now, 75% if my customers are on contract while 20% are weekly pay per mows and then. 5% are mow bi-weekly or as needed. The non contract customers are very helpful for cash flow during peak seasons. I still try to attain more and more landscaping jobs to fill my guys' time. I'm in a tricky spot right now, and contracts are actually causing me some headache. I have way to much work for me to do by myself, but not enough to hire a guy full time, just maybe 30 hrs a week. With my contracts this time of year is nuts. Aeration then shrub trimming, weed treatment, leaf cleanup, mulch/needles and then still mowing. With contracts, all of that is included in the monthly price so you have to really budget if you plan on getting help. The customer pays x amount per month to get it done. They don't care what you have todo that month they just want it to look great so it is up to you as the owner to meet those needs on the price you quoted. This time of year I am covering cost and then some, but in two months it will almost all be money in the bank. Hope that helps
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