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While we have our customers sign contracts, they aren't contracts like some people assume with equal payments each month broken up. It simply states the work we will do, mow, weed, mulch, cleanup (whatever the customer wants for services); how often we will do it, and how much the charge will be. It really is only meant to keep communications clear and keep all customers on the same page. It also states what happens in case of rain, the height of grass cut is upon our discretion, etc etc. Just basically an agreement for the season. I used to send them out near the end of winter but I think I'm going to mail them all out the end of this season so I know exactly what customers want next year. When I sent them out in the early spring, there were always a handful of customers that we wouldn't hear back from until their grass was already a foot tall and a mess. If you explain to customers that you just want to keep an open line of communication and call it an agreement, you should have very few complaints. Such contracts are totally unheard of in my area, but I gave it a shot and got everyone on board.
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