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There are quite a few that use FB on here, so hopefully they'll weigh in with their experiences and tips.

The first thing I would point out is that you should create a business page, not a personal page, as you currently have it set up. As it is, people can't just Like your page or follow it without going through a friend request. This is actually a huge, dissuading hurdle for a potential or current customer to go through.

I would also recommend refining your cover image as it further adds to the notion that it's just a regular John Q. Public account and not a business.

With your photo albums, add some context as to what we're looking at. Some just look like any other picture, while the reality is that there is probably something we should be paying particular attention to.

Off the top of my head, take a look on FB for "Ocala Lawns", "Kirk's Lawn Care", and "Ring Lawn Care" to see how they utilize their pages. All are active members on here and all have a business Page.

If you search this sub-forum for Facebook, you'll find quite a few ideas and advice.
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