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As mentioned, you should create it as a company, not as a person as you have now.

I almost never "friend" a business when it is set up as a person because then by default that business can see all of my goings on. If I like a business page, they can see I like them, but do not have access to my messages/photos.

As a business page, you will have access to more stats on how people are seeing your name out there (not just the people who like you, but when people see that their friends are interacting with you).

There are services out there to "buy likes", I recommend against this. You never know when FB may start detecting these accounts for doing this, and may penalize you for it.

Keep in mind when you have your page, there is a fine balance for how much to post. To much, people will set it to hide your updates, too few, people forget about you. For best results, try to do things that engage your audience. The more they post/like things you did the more their friends will see you as well.

I have one client, I'm trying to get them to understand it better... He will post a message like "back to school lunch specials this weekend". then on monday go into facebook and completely delete out the message...

An example of a company engaging their audience, check out notice just about everything they post, they ask their audience about it. (granted they have a way larger audience, but you get the idea)

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