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I love doing hedge trimming. I do a three step look. Look at a distance trim and when your done look back again at every angle. I always blow off the loose stuff then do a final trim. I then use my shears on anything that is tight like boxwoods that are around objects or the bottom where the mulch is with the shrub. After a trim or two you will "GET TO KNOW" the plant and you will be able to get the feel of it and increase your speed. I always use WD40 before and after I use them and run them for away so it cleans it.

If it's a full service account I always look at the work I have done to make sure there aren't any loose dead crap that is left over. I am very picky and will hand pick anything that I missed weeks later which is rare.

I don't like echo products but there hedge trimmers are good. I recently bought a $450 Huqsvarna hedge trimmers 2 years ago and I am very happy with them except they do drink gas but they always start easily and have no vibration.

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