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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
The Lawncare business is a service business in which customers want a real nice looking yard, they dont really care about new trucks and shiney mowers.
I strongly disagree with you on this. When you are servicing multi-million dollar properties the owners usually prefer to not have tracks that are falling apart sitting in front of their home. For some reason people on here have this thought that having a nice newer cleaner truck gives a message that the company is in debt, doesn't know how to properly manage money, over charges to afford nice things. I will argue that most customers think just the opposite. Having newer cleaner equipment shows that you take pride in you equipment and probably work as well. Does having a 50k truck tell the customer you charge more? Yes it does, but it also gives the idea that their in a reason you can regularly charge more.

Look as it as the opposite, if a customer sees your 1990 f150 with every body panel a different color, they ate going to think that you charge less. But why do you charge less? Do you have less demand for work?

This is the exact reason we openly tell potential customers that we are more money than most of our competition. The reason we charge more is because we are in demand, the market is willing to pay us more for the work we do. Word of mouth sells most our jobs. One benefit of being able to charge more is that we can afford newer shinier equipment.
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