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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
ya, forgot about that.... Verizon finally got 4G going around here and WOW! it's about 12x faster than the home DSL.... 36mbps vs. 3.5mbps. Too bad unlimited data is out the window.

I have noticed one thing, my wife has the iPhone 4G and I've got the Samsung Galaxy S III (android) and there's a lot of apps on the android that is free vs. paying for on the iphone.
Unlimited data is the problem we will be facing soon. Most people's hot spots are limited to a certain amount. We have had it since Verizon offered it, we pay $20 a month for unlimited data, and $20 a month for unlimited hot spot. Then they got rid of the unlimited hotspot, but let people grandfather in and keep it. Then they got rid of the unlimited data, and told us as long as we maintain a contract we would continue to be grandfathered. Now this past spring, they changed it again, and they won't be letting people grandfather any longer. Any change to the contract and we will lose our unlimited data and wi-fi. If we add a line or upgrade a phone, we loose it.
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