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Originally Posted by GreenI.A. View Post
Then they got rid of the unlimited data, and told us as long as we maintain a contract we would continue to be grandfathered. Now this past spring, they changed it again, and they won't be letting people grandfather any longer. Any change to the contract and we will lose our unlimited data and wi-fi. If we add a line or upgrade a phone, we loose it.
That's what happened to us.... we've been with verizon since they started in southern WV/VA. Had the unlimited data until the last round where "everyone shares" now or whatever that crap is. I have 3 phones for work and after that last change changed 2 of them back to standard phones and left mine with the data package. I'm going to have to be careful now... never was on the web too much with the phone until 4G came along, now I'm going to have to start using free wifi more than I'd like.
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