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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
was wondering how some of you managed to work other jobs while still building up a lawn care business to go full time? i need to find another job that is more flexible that will allow me to have time to take care of my accounts. i work overnight shift 11pm till whenever i'm done, and most days it seems like way to many hours to even manage a side business with now. on friday i worked from 11pm to 10a.m. at my other job and went straight for my equipment to continue on working till 5pm. i do that a few times a week. the rest of the days i gotta get up after a few hours to pick up my kid from day care. i have a hard time answering the phone because i'm either sleeping or working.

putting in a notice at my job at the start of next year. my wife works, and i have a litte saved.. 17k. my truck and equipment will be payed off by that time. may take a little out the 17k to get a walk behind. i need to find some type of job making around 150 to 200 a week to supplement the wifes income
while i get this business going. i can't lie, i'm a bit nervous, but i hate the overnight shift life so much, i'd probally rather lose everything than to spend another 7 years doing it. we are not even gonna have good health coverage at that job anymore, which is all the more reason for me just to leave it behind.. my doctor says i'm shortening my life by what i'm doing, but what does he
know.. :laugh
I admire your courage to break away from your current work schedule. Your doctor may well be correct, however as long as you pace yourself for the balance of the year I believe you will make it. Pleased to hear that you have a reserve fund built up, that your truck and other equipment will be paid off as well. I wish you the best.
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