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FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn(I call them the Big 4)are places you want your business. I am not going to break down how beneficial these 4 are when properly channelled. But will tell you that all of them are like your business website(yes you should build a company website), it needs YOU to point people there.

Greg hit it right on the mark, you need to be a part of the conversation, like you are doing here. You left a link to your FB page(good), but you did it in a SPAMMY way and you do not even know you did.

In other words you are literally asking people here to "Like" your page & asking for help at the same time. It is not so much confusing as it is, I really do not want to like your page now. Mostly because you asked it in this manner.(No offense...believe it or not)

It really takes time to know how & when to post something.

Here is one tip: Tony Hit This One....All 5(including business website)....Love PHOTOS of your work.

Not to mention the search engines, they too love PHOTOS!

Here is another: Pay attention to how others post at those Big 4 sites, and you will be one step closer to getting more likes, tweets, circles & connections.

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