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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Maybe not, but I'd agree that in a neighborhood of million dollar homes I don't want to look like sanford and son, my truck isn't new but it is in great shape as is all my equipment, I guess it came from 10 years in the military, where your stuff better at least look brand new at all times or else. It's called "pride" and "discipline" I don't require "new" stuff just new "Looking" stuff.
I keep my stuff up also, thats a maintance issue not so much a "Loan" issue.

The point Im trying to make is customers dont care if you have a 50K truck or in my case a 7k truck. I have never ever had a customer ask me what kind of truck I use. Further more a 50k truck used in lawncare is a "Horrible" investment, and a "loan" makes it even woorse. Try telling a customer that you charge more because you have a nice truck, it wont work.
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