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No, you said our work was B-range work.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to post these photos as an example of our nicest work. I don't post photos at all on Lawnsite anymore. Haven't for quite a long time. Because there's always some idiot half way across the country who would have done it differently, thinks they know how to do it better, wants to nit pick, or just gets off on putting other people's work down. There are hundreds of us who never post photos just for this reason. I was emailing with a guy I met on Lawnsite just earlier this week and he shared some photos of a beautiful patio and stone seat walls. It was stunning, IMO. I said, "Why didn't you post this on Lawnsite?" He said, "You know why. Same reason you never post anything anymore."

If I wanted to post photos showing some of our nicest work, I would have probably chosen any number of other jobs we've done this year or last year. I have over three dozen jobs I haven't even had time to sort through the photos and post them anywhere yet. My only point in posting these photos was to show how you can build a rock veneer over an SRW. But nobody here seemed to give one sh1t about that. Every time someone posts a photo, you guys assume that they are either looking for compliments or critique. I was looking for neither. I was just trying to show a cool method for hiding an ugly SRW. You all turned it into a pissing match over other always.
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