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Originally Posted by mrusk View Post
If you had to build the wall like that I would of sold them a seat wall or a railing of some kind. I do not think anyone can look at those pics and tell me its a safe patio with that drop off
Why didn't we think of that? Oh, that's right. We did! We discussed seat wall, they didn't want that. They didn't want a rail. They wanted a floating patio that felt like it opened right up into the back green space area. They had the deck builder build their deck in the same way. Open in the back. No rail. Just a drop off (pictured below). Now we installed some shrubs that will create a little hedge on the lower edge of that deck to create a small barrier. But again, the clients didn't want anything intruding into their view on either the deck or the patio. I'm not going to be so insistent as to say, "Look. If you won't let me design the patio in this manner than I refuse to take the job." All said and done, we made over $30K with the work we did on the back and side yards here. I wasn't about to insist they do it my way and possibly lose the job. We made suggestions, they didn't want to do it that way, so we did it their way and moved on.

I guess if some idiot walks off the patio we'll have to deal with it. Chances are the idiot would just fall on the bushes and bark mulch and say, "ouch, that hurt.". But if it goes further than that, I guess that's why I have a $1Mil. insurance policy. It's a risk, I suppose. But so is turning down work because you insist on doing things your way.
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