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Originally Posted by phillie View Post
That doesnt mean they succeed or have longevity. Just because working debt free works for you and your desired level of success does not mean it works for everybody. To answer your question, NO, a mower payment does not sound stupid. Some of the ignorant comments on here do though.
Being debt free elimanates a lot of RISK. Nothing guarantees success in this business or anyother business. A lawnmower that has attached payments to it doest cut grass anybetter that one that is paid for. I just bought a Toro Grandstand with 62 hours for 4200$, why should I spend 8000, but even a 8k I would have paid cash. I have more that enought equiptment to add a seperate crew from my operation, but I also have other interestets to keep up.

Cash will alaways land you a better deal; than credit, say you find a 10k exmark on craigslist for 5k, think the ferrler is going to wait while you go beg your bank for a loan???

For me its about "ownership", I own my business and can take it to any level I want without worring about payments.

Then it boils down to the fact that if you cant afford a "lawnmower" you shouldnt be in this business.
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