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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Being debt free elimanates a lot of RISK. Nothing guarantees success in this business or anyother business. A lawnmower that has attached payments to it doest cut grass anybetter that one that is paid for. I just bought a Toro Grandstand with 62 hours for 4200$, why should I spend 8000, but even a 8k I would have paid cash. I have more that enought equiptment to add a seperate crew from my operation, but I also have other interestets to keep up.

Cash will alaways land you a better deal; than credit, say you find a 10k exmark on craigslist for 5k, think the ferrler is going to wait while you go beg your bank for a loan???

For me its about "ownership", I own my business and can take it to any level I want without worring about payments.

Then it boils down to the fact that if you cant afford a "lawnmower" you shouldnt be in this business.

No problem here. I'll just go grab cash from my credit line.
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