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well, my work has a 4 day work week schedule that i have tried to get on. gonna try again, but this time i'm giving them an option.. move me or 2 week notice. it would be sunday through wed. 1pm to 1a.m. then i'd have thursday friday and saturday off. i can get alot done with 2 full days off during the week and saturday as well. i bet i could make it for another year that way. i have a feeling my job would be thrilled if anybody quit because it seems like they want less workers with more hrs rather than more workers with only 40 hrs or so.

i took this night job in 04 so i could do a lawn care business. had to pick between that and lawn care after 2 seasons, but i feel like i made to many mistakes trying to be a LCO last time. thinking this could be the right time.. having all my stuff paid for and having added chem apps to my list of services are both gonna make a huge difference, as well as much better web presence.. the bad economy may offset all this though.. haha. its good that the season is comming to an end so i can have more time to plan all this out. gonna be taking some vacation time as well.
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