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Planting ( sowing ) to emergence of the 1st leaf stage

Go back to basics for those answers and ask some important questions, after you answer the critical steps and have found the failed facet/ facets you will be able to communicate it effectively to your customers, remember what we understand and have knowledge of we can speak to.

Some of these questions are:

Was the timing proper? Early sept - early oct
How were soil temps? Between 55 - 70 conducive
Seed to soil contact proper? Was the seed pod covered ( a must )
Proper moisture? Kept moist - NOT SATURATED
In exposed areas to elemental forces was additional cover used? Straw, burlap, ect - especially on slopes.
We're proper species/ cultivars used? Example : turf type tall fescue for transition zone.
Was the seed lot a new current harvest? Or and old lot that has been sitting loosing pure live seed % by the month.
Did the proper rate go down? For renovation a minimum of 6 lbs/ 1000.

And a few last considerations:

Available fertility?
Shade or Sun ( goes with proper type )
Soil condition both from a fertile profile and a cultural standpoint such as compaction, topography, texture.

Go through these in detail and I am positive the failed facet will reveal itself, then if time allows go into action.

Good luck.

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