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i work an evening shift and have to go in the afternoon, and work till early am 4 days a week. The 4 day a week shift helps. and allows me to cut lawns each day before my main job. Only problem is that here in West Texas, im cutting lawns through the heat of the day, and then have to pull a 10 hr shift AFTER that...LOL.

I got burned out this year about may, when the lawns were growing fast, and I was cutting a lot. Money was good, but it got pretty wore out by myself running solo. My son helps when he gets out of school for the summer, but this year was SO hot and dry, there wasnt much work when the weather got hot. Here is one thing that helped me when I started REALLY getting burnt out; by a new piece of equipement or count the money you are pulling in....LOL...seems to help
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