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Originally Posted by Shifty937 View Post
So now im a proud owner one these Deere's, my question is that it seems so slow. Like the pedals are binding up in the linkage and are hard to push and hold and if I push to hard at just past half pedal the motor cuts out and wants to die unless I let off, in forward or reverse. Also think it is having the very same charging issue that seems to be a big problem on this thread.

I notice it has a shock attached to the linkage, and the pedals dont return fully to there neutral position. I busted out the the can of PB BLaster soaked it down before work to return with the same problem. Is there some kind of adjusting it may need ? Yes the steering works great. Until just bit ago no steer in reverse. Please help, my grandma could out walk this thing. Anybody have a complete hood assembly also ? Also need a seat.
As far as the speed thing goes, I had a similar problem and found that the main belt for the tractor was out of adjustment. The parking brake pedal does two things, it puts slack in the belt so the engine cant turn the trans pulleys. The second thing it does is physically lock the trans with another linkage running back the left side of the frame.

There is a tensioner attached right after the park pedal, so when the parking brake is off it is sprung and keeps tension on the belt. It only has a certain amount of throw in order to keep the belt tensioned. I thought my belt was stretched too much, BUT, there is another idler pulley that you can move fore or aft in order to get the belt tensioner in it's range of motion. It is a plastic pulley if I remember correctly and it sits just about right in the middle of the tractor and has a metal tab that keeps the slacked out belt on, it's shaped like a "V".

I would start there for the speed issue. The linkage for the pedals is not real complicated. The forward pedal linkage is not adjustable, it will throw as far as that "shock" you were talking about will let it. BUT, if the reverse pedal is not right it will not let the forward linkage go all the way. When it is right, the forward linkage will bottom out the shock, the reverse pedal linkage will be a little loose. When hitting reverse, the throw at the trans is very small and the linkage will actually bow if you push too hard on the pedal. If you try to adjust the bow out of the reverse rod, you will start to limit the travel of the forward pedal. Thats how mine was anyway. Try lubing the pivot of the pedals, That helped mine quite a bit.

I don't know why the engine would die mid pedal like that, sounds more like an engine problem than a linkage or tractor problem.

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